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Phone number: (888) 742-9497

First check date: 04/05/2017 18:15

Last checked: 02/20/2018 18:09

Location: USA, Toll-free Service

Area code: 888

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Angelica Garza05 Apr 2017

I received a call from this number at work threatening to come to my office.
Caller: not sure

nicole06 Apr 2017

I received a call the same day you did saying that they need me to call them about an incident that happened at our old address over a year ago and that if we don't return their call they're going to send our local police and they wish us good luck!
Caller: 1-888-742-9497

Tyler07 Apr 2017

Received the same phone call. This is a scam please report to the FTC at 1-877-382-4357. Caller said they had legal document to deliver to me and that I needed to give them my address or they would call the police and have me arrested. Any legitimate company trying to deliver legal document would have them sent to the local sheriff to deliver and would not call you ahead of time.
Caller: 1-888-742-9497

Joan10 Apr 2017

This is a company who serves people with orders to appear in court, in my case, from a collection agency. The man left a message with my daughter twlling her he needed my address and wanted to know if I was home and wanted to know who she was to me. He told her the police would show up to arrest me. I called my attorney as I am in the midst of Bankruptcy. He said the man is using illegal tactics and I should report him to the local sheriff's dept or police and not to worry about it because the bankruptcy will wipe away the debt. My attorney said these people are paid when they deliver the order to appear so they will do whatever necessary to deliver
Caller: David

Joan10 Apr 2017

My attorney said they break the law when they threaten you with the police arresting you.

Joan10 Apr 2017

They can serve you at your office but they tell you that because they know you might make other arrangements rather than them embarrass you at work. I suggest you get an attorney and file Chapter 13 bankruptcy if your debt is greater than your income and your annual total income is less than 42,000.

Mary11 Apr 2017

Thanks everyone for the info! I got a phone call from the same number too and asked me to give them a time for the sheriff to come and drop off paperwork for an account of mine that went into collections.
Caller: 888-742-9497

Mike18 Apr 2017

They called and dont even have phone number of name of person they were looking for correct. Just hang up and ignore. They probably get phone numbers from somewhere and just randomly call people. Never give any of your information. If they supposedly had paperwork on you they would already have all your information and would not need to ask you for any. Just hang up on them.
Caller: 8887429497

Karen25 Apr 2017

They called and left a message saying it was very important that I call them within 2 hours or legal action would be taken against me. Of course, I didn't call them back. Just wanted to give a heads up to others. The number showed up on my phone as "unknown".
Caller: 888-742-9497

Leslie01 May 2017

Scam!!...will threaten you wich is illegal!!!...demand a validation of debt letter and don't give any info...if they have your info then they can send the letter with the address on file. I REPEAT ..don't give out any of your personal info!!!
Caller: Spam

Tammy19 May 2017

I got two calls back to back and the first one sounded like a man calling me specifically..but the second one was identical, wording and voice, to the first one. I called them and told them we all knew they were a scam and she said get an attorney and I hung up. Not sure what is going on.
Caller: 888-742-9497
Possible phone number formats are (888) 742-9497, +1 (888) 742-9497, +18887429497, 8887429497, +1888-7429497, (0111) (888) 742-9497, 888.742.9497, 01118887429497, +1888/7429497, 888/742.9497, (0111)-888-742-9497.

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512-309-8939 USA, Texas, Taylor

512-309-8939 called my cell. Recorded message claiming to be IRS stated that ......

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