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Phone number: (866) 902-0090

First check date: 01/12/2018 22:42

Last checked: 03/22/2018 15:14

Location: USA, Toll-free Service

Area code: 866

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Laura Moresco30 Jan 2018

The number of calls I get that are unidentified, and the how or why they are roouted to me is mind boggling. Usually, no one answers and the call ends, and of course, the number is not a working number if you dial them back. But this number (866) 902-0090 is a special kind of mystery. They called my daughter! She described the caller is Kathy from Portfolio something. I returned Kathy's call. Kathy could not tell me the nature of her call, and wanted to know what my daughter's number was!! Only then could she tell my why she called. Portfolio something? I asked if she was a financial advisor, what kind of portfolio? Kathy, in her 'French accent' says, I can only tell you after you give me your daughter's number. I responded, in my 'Texas twang', lady if you cannot tell what your business is, who you are, and why you called, you ain't gettin' sh*t!!! Friends, I want to invest in an auto-dialer, that will call these low-life, scam-scum SOB's, and just keep ringing them 'till the 'cows come home'. I'd go to bed, with a smile, and probably chuckle every so often in my sleep. Die scam-scum!!
Caller: Kathy from Portfolio something

Esabel H.01 Mar 2018

Almost the same thing except that they asked for my son. I think I scared them Because I work for the Sheriffs department. Then I started to call them back just to see how they like it. lol

Lacey K13 Mar 2018

Receive calls from this number. They won't even tell me what the call is in regards to unless I verify my information: address, phone number (you mean the one you just called me from??), etc. I told them I don't just give out my information and she got rude so I hung up.
Caller: +18669020090

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