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Phone number: (855) 893-7999

First check date: 02/28/2017

Last checked: 01/24/2018

Location: USA, Toll-free Service

Area code: 855

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Mary01 Mar 2017

Received a call with a meager to call another number . First number is 414-216-5152. They left a message to call 855-897-7899 First message told me to call about document delivery and to call the 855-893-7999 number . Any help from others helpful.
Caller: Don T from HRM

TC01 Mar 2017

I received a call from (901) 203-4063 with a recorded message saying they wanted to verify an address to deliver some papers to me. HR Management a Tom Casden. Call back number (855) 893-7999.
Caller: recorded message

Nicole01 Mar 2017

I got a call from a number 989-259-1311 and they left a voice mail saying I needed to confirm my address for a delivery of documents and told me to call back 855-893-7999.
Caller: Tom from HRM

Crystal02 Mar 2017

This is total fraud. This is the 3rd time I've had this happen in the last few weeks. They gave me information right off my credit report and said they were trying to collect a debt of $5000 from a credit card in 2007 that I never had!!

Karen 03 Mar 2017

I received the same call with the 1855-893-7999 the original # that called came from a 716-210-9634.right before Christmas I received a similar call stating that I owed all this money for a credit card from 2006. They would not tell me the store until I payed this crazy amount of money.I refused to give them any money and they harassed me every day I stopped answering there calls I have a feeling it's the same company

annoyed11 Mar 2017

called both my phone and my PARENTS home and said the same thing. "they are legal assistant with HR management-a third party obtained to locate my whereabouts for a legally required notice. Myself or my "team counsel" can contact them at 855-893-7999." Funny how when I called that number (multiple attempts) It just beeps 3 times and hangs up. hmmmmm. ALSO when I attempt to internet search the "HR management legal team" and the phone number I come up with nothing. I wont be answering
Caller: HR Management

Bob21 Mar 2017

This is a TOTAL scam!! On Thursday morning, 3/16/2017, I got a call from (352) 227-6239 which is a local # to me. When I answered the phone, it was a recorded message telling me to call, 855-893-7999. When I called, some Bozo said he was in CA!! yet, the call originated from my local area code of (352)!! He was trying to collect on a Credit Card that was written off 6 years ago, by the original CC Company!! Thank heavens for statute of limitations. After he threatened me several times: placing a lien on my house, seizing my car, seizing my assets, etc., which is against Federal Law, he told me to expect a "special courier" tomorrow. I told him to stick it where the sun doesn't shine! :)
Caller: H R Management

Bert30 Mar 2017

This number called my place of work and front desk answered... I got this email from front desk - Hi Bert, I received a call from an automated system saying that they tried to deliver some documents to you on the 24th and that no one was here to receive them. They said to call to reschedule at 855-893-7999. Could not transfer the call to you because it was a recording not a real person. I called number back several times, finally some scumbag answers and asks what number was called. I tell him they called my place of work and he hung up on me... DEFINITELY ILLEGAL AND FRAUDULENT
Caller: 855-893-7999

Bc17 Apr 2017

100% SCAMMER! Last yeah I found out my identity was stolen and they tried to file a tax return in my name, a week later I started receiving calls from this number saying I owed money for things that have been paid off for years and that they were sending papers to my house to take me to court. Then when I started to ask for company info, and let them know I've talked to police about potential phone scammers they stopped calling...for a while. Then they called my in-laws and my grandmother (anyone with a non-private land line) and freaked them out until I showed them how fake this person is. So now this has been going on for a year with the same person claiming to be different people, with different company names each time, and phone #'s with 1-digit difference every couple of months. Don't give them any info, or money. Go on the FTC website and file a complaint so this guy gets caught and thrown in jail.

T01 May 2017

Just had a local number call. I didn't answer, and they left a voicemail saying the same thing.Good to know it's fraud. I'm not calling back. I just hope they don't contact my family or anyone and someone else gives them my info.
Caller: 8558937999

Vicky19 May 2017

They actually called my best friend in Oregon trying to locate me telling her they had a to deliver documents to me gave her the number 855-893-7999. Asked her for my phone number she hung up. I have been getting lots calls from random numbers. I called the number got a message saying "you have reached HR Management. Tried to google the company name got nowhere. I have no outstanding credit card debts not sure why they are calling. Not calling back and leaving a message. If they can find my best friend at her new job the should be able to find me since I have lived and worked in same place with same phone number for over 15 years.
Possible phone number formats are (855) 893-7999, +1 (855) 893-7999, +18558937999, 8558937999, +1855-8937999, (0111) (855) 893-7999, 855.893.7999, 01118558937999, +1855/8937999, 855/893.7999, (0111)-855-893-7999.

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212-630-2008 USA, New York

They called my cellphone asking me to turn on my computer because its sending......

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