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Phone number: (844) 613-1342

First check date: 04/20/2017

Last checked: 01/24/2018

Location: USA, Toll-free Service

Area code: 844

There has been a total of 23 comments left about the phone number.

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Latest Reports

Dave van Houten20 Apr 2017

Threatening spam that they want you to call and defend do not reply
Caller: 844-613-1342

Chris20 Apr 2017

I agree with the above caller. Spam!

Jennifer B20 Apr 2017

Received threatening message. Attempted to csll back but the name of the "officer" who called me could not be found.. Definitely seems like spam.
Caller: 18446131342

Zach20 Apr 2017

Threatening voicemail. Claims to be an "officer" and will pursue legal action if I don't call back. Spam/Fraud/Extortion

Jen20 Apr 2017

Received message - says from Canada revenue agency and must call back because of a time sensitive issue. Says he's an officer of CRA. Seems like a scam call.
Caller: 18446131342

Dave20 Apr 2017

Press any "1" digit and no names are found. Automated attendant, appears to be an automated voice call out. They would always reference a case or similar. Report this to the police.
Caller: ??

Jenn20 Apr 2017

Got a threatening voicemail from a heavy accented named officer "Paul tanner" said urgent matter and time sensitive issue and that if I ignore/don't call him back i'"" be in trouble. Then wished me luck. The message sounded pre-recorded and fake. When calling back it just goes into an automated voice menu asking to enter an extension. Totally seems like a scam.
Caller: Paul tanner

L21 Apr 2017

i got one missed call showing Vietnam 8446131342 , left me msg saying he is from CRA, his name Paul Tunner, and if i don't return his call he is going to blablabla. very heavy accent. it's a total scammer! i wonder if any hacker could hack this guys so they can stop scamming people!
Caller: 8446131342

m21 Apr 2017

Got the same call from 844 613 1342, same threatening message. Definitely a scam.

B21 Apr 2017

Got the same call from 8446131342, left me msg saying he is from CRA
Caller: 8446131342

A21 Apr 2017

Scam All the way Received a call from 1-844-613-1342, realizing a voice message was talking to me! Asking me to call back. It claimed that it was from CRA for a time-sensitive matter. When I returned the call someone answered and claimed to be a CRA officer. Once I told him that this is very unusual for CRA to play a voice massage and ask to call back, he hung up. When I called the number again and blocked my caller ID, I was directed to an automated attendant asking to dial the extension or browse by name. There was of course no name listed!
Caller: 1-844-613-1342

X21 Apr 2017

Same as all the above. Definitely a pre-recorded message.

Steve in Mississauga, Ontario21 Apr 2017

Got the call today on my iPhone. Same thing - thick Asian accent, poor grammar, laughable "scare" tactics - so poorly orchestrated - I would rate this particular phish as a low-grade attempt by an amateur. But this is how amateurs learn and become professional scammers. I reported this incident to the Government of Canada's Anti-Fraud Hotline. In case some fellow Canadians are unaware of this service, here is the toll-free number: 1 (888) 495-8501. There can be longish wait times, but in 2017 this seems to be the rule rather than the exception for customer service centres, be they business or governmental.
Caller: seemingly Asian heritage, poor English speaker

21 Apr 2017

I've received two calls from this number, didn't answer they left messages. The first one was unable to make out half the message just that I needed to call back within 48hrs or beware! Today's message was from Paul Paul Tunner and he indicated the same thing. Total Scam! Gotta block this number.
Caller: 1-844-613-1342

George - Mississauga21 Apr 2017

"Tax crime investigation unit of the CRA" - threatening - total scam.
Caller: 844-613-1342

D21 Apr 2017

Received a voicemail from this number this morning. Called the RCMP and told them about it. They told me this is a known scam.
Caller: 1-844-613-1342

H21 Apr 2017

I received this call this morning but let it go to voicemail. I only got the end of their recorded message but it said it was the CRA (although it showed the call was form th US). Sounded like a scam. Number blocked!
Caller: 844-613-1342

Helen21 Apr 2017

Received a voicemail from this number this afternoon. I checked the number on the Internet and learned this is a scam. Thanks to all who posted!
Caller: 844-613-1342

Jen21 Apr 2017

I have received two calls now from this number wishing me luck if either myself or my attorney didn't call back. Thank you to all those that posted.
Caller: 0-844-613-1342

Dawn24 Apr 2017

We received a voicemail also. Same threat. Agree with the post above to report.
Caller: States they are CRA but NOT

K24 Apr 2017

Scam based in India. Don't answer, call back, or give out any personal info. Report the incident to the anti-fraud center.

Leanna24 Apr 2017

Left a voicemail, says his name is Officer Paul Connor (or something, he has an accent).
Caller: 844-613-1342

GM25 Apr 2017

Same message as others - claims to be Officer Paul Tanner with threat that I or my attorney need to call back and if not it will fall on me and wishes me luck. Did not call back since this is definitely a scam.
Possible phone number formats are (844) 613-1342, +1 (844) 613-1342, +18446131342, 8446131342, +1844-6131342, (0111) (844) 613-1342, 844.613.1342, 01118446131342, +1844/6131342, 844/613.1342, (0111)-844-613-1342.

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