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Phone number: (844) 471-2942

First check date: 05/09/2017 12:32

Last checked: 02/20/2018 18:09

Location: USA, Toll-free Service

Area code: 844

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Isaiah West10 May 2017

I received a phone call from a restricted phone number twice, back to back, at around 1pm where they left 2 messages with the name of the contact of "Michael Fox" and the phone number of 1-844-471-2942 saying that my file had been forwarded to them and is being prepared to go to court for legal action to be determined. I have no idea what these folks are talking about. He left no business name for the said law firm he claimed to be representing nor any other information.
Caller: Michael Fox

Roxie15 May 2017

Got a call for my husband from David Debit from this number. Same reason as Isaiah. Gave a file number and everything. Wonder if we called it they would be able to charge us money as I have heard from some of these numbers, that is what they do. May 15, 2017

Darlene16 May 2017

This is a debt collector trying to collect on very old debts, their not attorneys but that's what they like you to believe, if you have very old debt tell them to kick rocks.
Caller: 2-844-471-2942

Rudy19 May 2017

Just received a call from my sister saying this number called her asking for my deceased dad. He has been gone 20 years now. When she informed some lady of this she asked if there was a Junior (me). The calling lady then went into that same story, the following is from my sister's text to me, edited to remove personal info: "I just got a call from someone stating they need to serve some kind of jury papers. She asked for *My Dad*. I told her he is dead. Then she said if there is a jr. I said yes. Then she said to give u the number 18444712942 ref 64834 rr law firm. She she could not tell what it is about because she does not know claims it is a sealed envelope. Claims if u don't respond a court hearing will take place without you if its you they need and u might end up in jail. She claims its the third time they try contacting *My Dad*. She gave me her name but i don't remember it."
Caller: 18444712942

Lori21 May 2017

I received a message while I was at work ALSO giving me a reference number, and that I needed to respond to a civil suit on a medical debt over 10 years old. The last address that they had for me was more than12 years old. I called the number and when I told the guy, (claiming to be from some law office in California) that the hospital in question is actually involved in a class action lawsuit for fraudulent billing practices, he hung up. He asked me for the ss or the last of my ss and like an idiot I gave it to him. What the hell was I thinking? I'm calling the s.o.b.s. back on Monday pronto and I'm gonna let em have it.
Caller: 844-471-2942

Sam Collins03 Jun 2017

The same thing happened to me with the same number and message. One exception was my contact name was Kathy Walker.
Possible phone number formats are (844) 471-2942, +1 (844) 471-2942, +18444712942, 8444712942, +1844-4712942, (0111) (844) 471-2942, 844.471.2942, 01118444712942, +1844/4712942, 844/471.2942, (0111)-844-471-2942.

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631-731-1917 USA, New York, East Hampton

I think this # might be a part of that "say yes" scam. The caller mumbles som......

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