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Phone number: (844) 400-4903

First check date: 03/16/2017

Last checked: 01/24/2018

Location: USA, Toll-free Service

Area code: 844

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Rainy17 Mar 2017

Indian decent male, claiming to work for Windows, urgently wanting you to spend $149.99 to get rid of the Trojans ie on your computer. Pop-up appears and forces you to call...does not allow you to close the pop-up.
Caller: Stephen Johnson

j17 Mar 2017

just got same block message on pc is this a scam

Jason19 Mar 2017

Pop up came up on pc, wouldn't go away no matter what I did. Guy named Raj said $199.99 to remove and clean up computer. Is this a scam?

Heather20 Mar 2017

Just got had same screen pop up claiming my computer has been locked by Microsoft due to an identity theft threat virus RDN/YahLover.worm!055BCCAC9FEC -- and a female voice is repeating a message over my speakers urging me to call 844-400-4903 to speak with Microsoft support immediately to have my computer unlocked.

Karen20 Mar 2017

I got something like this last year & it was a company that claimed Microsoft had contracted with them to help with computer problems like viruses. I couldn't close the message & didn't know what to do so I called & got scammed for about $150. They said they would fix the problem & it would give me 6 mos protection. They didn't do any harm to my computer, but there is no way they were in any way related to Microsoft. My neighbor who works with computers said it was a scam that Microsoft would never contract with a company to do this. I got it again today and did ctl, alt, del to shut down my computer. It was called the Zuess virus & gave an error code of B2957E. I restarted the computer & did a scan with Kaspersky. It showed no problems. Went I went back out on the internet & did a search for a receipe I got the same message. Not sure what to do now. I am going to try to get on the internet with Microsoft Edge rather than Google Chrome which is where I had the problem.
Caller: Indian Man

claire20 Mar 2017

DO NOT RESPOND TO THESE CALLS EVER!!! Microsoft and Apple will NEVER send a message via popup or otherwise requesting the user to call regarding a virus. Unfortunately my MIL got caught by this scam last year. They will even have legitimate websites. These people who she called actually had a business but use popup ads to solicit the unknowing. I went to her house and called them back, they had thick middle eastern accents and thought they could tell me how things were supposed to work. Unfortunately for this a**hole I've spent 95% of my working life in high-tech. I was livid and let them have it. We then called the CC company and filed a dispute and they cancelled her card. These losers are very aggressive. MIL had same message from this number today with the colored screen and voice-over saying not to shut down her machine. Don't fall for it!
Caller: 844-400-4903

Help21 Mar 2017

How do you get rid of this virus, it says a message from Microsoft and I have a MAC laptop. Can anyone help?

John22 Mar 2017

Clicked on a link looking for Shrimp Scampi recipe. Immediately got this popup and message "Your computer has been locked up. Your IP address has been used without your knowledge blah blah blah Do not attempt to shut down because you may loose or damage your files. Please call our support 1-844-400-4903 and give them code B2957E. This message states and implies that you would be contacting Microsoft support service. I did not call...I could not verify this number as belonging to Microsoft.

M Toth22 Mar 2017

My husband just got the same popup and called. Glad I looked this up because he phoned them. OMG - he did this once before and did not learn anything, I guess.
Caller: 8444004903

Dave26 Mar 2017

This is a scam. Reboot computer and then uninstall browser. Then reinstall clean copy of the browser. Stay away from the website you used.
Possible phone number formats are (844) 400-4903, +1 (844) 400-4903, +18444004903, 8444004903, +1844-4004903, (0111) (844) 400-4903, 844.400.4903, 01118444004903, +1844/4004903, 844/400.4903, (0111)-844-400-4903.

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