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Phone number: (800) 735-4085

First check date: 04/19/2017 21:40

Last checked: 02/20/2018 18:10

Location: USA, Toll-free Service

Area code: 800

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Will weiss20 Apr 2017

Seems to be telemarketer for weight loss product. They've called me three times in five hours after being both nicely and rudely told to **** off that I wasn't interested

Elaine20 Apr 2017

These people called me three days in a row with the same exact thing message: "Hi, it's John. I've been trying to reach you to process the item you tried to purchase on our website today. Please call me so I can get that item out to you as soon as possible." When I called them back, they asked me for my home number and said they were trying to reach a person that was not me. My guess is these guys are debt collectors trying to trick people into calling them back. While they directed me to call this 800 number, the caller ID said Summit, NJ 517-3703
Caller: John

Vicky20 Apr 2017

I got the exact same message as Elaine. Though "John" said that he had been trying to reach me, there is no record of a call from that number on my missed call list. Today was the first time a message was left about processing a purchase from a website. Since I haven't tried made a purchase from a website other than two who have my e-mail contact info, I can only assume this is some kind of scam--I did not return the call.

Alyssa20 Apr 2017

Just received this same voice mail from a local area code number but in voicemail told to call bavk at 1800 number. Seemed fishy. Definitely will not be returning the call after reading these messages!
Caller: John

Parri20 Apr 2017

Not sure where the previous commenter are located; I am in Michigan. I have received this call three times in the past two days, with the same re order message from "John". I did not call the number back, but I think this should be checked out as a possible scam.

Jen20 Apr 2017

I received the same call and did not order anything. This is a scam. Thank u to everyone posting their experiences. I will block the phone number. It was from Brantford. The call back number 1 8007354085
Caller: 2262279574

Dianne21 Apr 2017

Same as earlier posters. The first part of the message was cut off, but rest was a man who gave me a1800 number to get my order sent. I didn't call back as i haven't ordered anything.
Caller: Unknown

Joann21 Apr 2017

I received a message today just like those cited here. I do not answer calls from numbers that I do not know. Thanks to everyone who posted about this. I have blocked this number.
Caller: John at 1 8007354085

Liz21 Apr 2017

This number keeps calling me as well. With the same automated voicemail and every time I tell them I am not interested they hang up on me. VERY rude. Blocked their number and hope I don't receive another call!!!!
Caller: 7073001073 john?

Nancy 21 Apr 2017

This is a sales call for revital anti aging cream/serum.
Caller: John

P21 Apr 2017

I've received this call from John as well. I live in Canada so it's not just a USA scam.
Caller: John

Me21 Apr 2017

Got the same voice mail twice exact same thing saying it was John and I had not finished processing an order and to call him back . SCAM. I haven't had time to even be on line let alone have enough extra $$ to think about placing an order..
Caller: 18007354085 john

Meg22 Apr 2017

Same as everyone else I have read. John calls and says he's been trying to reach me about a purchase I never completed online. Call came out of McKinney TX. Must be a scam caller doesn't address you by name red flag number one and he states he will be at that number until 5pm and it's 6:30pm and I just received his second call.
Caller: John

Pat24 Apr 2017

Same as all of the above........John calls and says he's been trying to reach me about a purchase I never completed online. Absolutely some kind of scam. I do make online purchases, but they are always followed up with verification emails, so I know all purchases were completed. Total BS!!!
Caller: Toll Free Call

Damian25 Apr 2017

Same number, same shpiel. 3 x Called back and asked who he represented since it was never stated (Red flag number 1). Instead of answering me he directed me which point I repeated my question, at which point he hung up on me. Probably never should have returned the call because when I did he addressed me by name...Caller ID no doubt. I am in D.C.
Caller: John
Possible phone number formats are (800) 735-4085, +1 (800) 735-4085, +18007354085, 8007354085, +1800-7354085, (0111) (800) 735-4085, 800.735.4085, 01118007354085, +1800/7354085, 800/735.4085, (0111)-800-735-4085.

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512-696-3333 USA, Texas, Austin

Call from this no. saying you had won $$-Consumer something? Perhaps a to ......

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