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Phone number: (800) 672-2893

First check date: 01/26/2017 05:07

Last checked: 02/19/2018 14:26

Location: USA, Toll-free Service

Area code: 800

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26 Jan 2017

My husband and I got calls from from 1 800 672 2893. We did not answer. But of recent we have been getting calls from those types of numbers.

26 Jan 2017

It is a survey ignore it

Ron Nye27 Jan 2017

Received first call this evening ... they left a message for me to call back and answer a survey question. Not going to do it, or answer calls from this number.
Caller: ?

Marv Crawford28 Jan 2017

The Canadian " Do Not Call List" is a joke. I'm always getting calls from these kind of people. We need government intervention to step in and put a stop to this harassment by telemarketers.
Caller: 1- 800-672-2893

11 Feb 2017

Just got a call from this number n feeling suspicious so I didn't picked up.

Missy22 Feb 2017

Got a call from this number today at 8:51pm I didn't answer. If it was a important business call they would call during business hours not when I'm getting ready for bed.
Caller: 800-672-2893

Roger28 Feb 2017

I didn't answer - no message left.

Marsha28 Feb 2017

I picked up and listened to the automated voice tell me they were calling from Gatineau, Quebec. They said they were not trying to sell anything and only had one question to ask: Do you have a phone in your home that is not a cell phone? If yes, press "1". At this point I hung up. I had heard this is a scam and that pressing 1 would somehow give them access to your phone.

Someone from ontario06 Mar 2017

They called. Didn't pick up. They left a message.

Dee10 Mar 2017

Don't answer the yes scam!
Caller: +1 (800) 672-2893

LAK10 Mar 2017

Received a call today 10 : 37 am....Did not answer. If you're not sure never answer . A legit call would leave a message , nd even with that beware of messages as well...Use your radar common sense ! Nuisance number , 1 800 -672-2893

Dave11 Apr 2017


Line19 Apr 2017

Did not answer. a robot left a message. stupid survey. Please do not answer.
Caller: 1-800-672-2893

Andre04 Jun 2017

The Canadian "Do Not Call list" can not control calls coming into Canada from another Country.

DIANNE11 Jun 2017

Andre, Quebec is hardly another country. Just seems like it some times.

Sylvia 13 Jun 2017

I simply do not understand why anyone, who has call display, would answer an800 number. If the business is legitimate, they will leave a message. Use your common sense people😊
Caller: 18006722893

Kristina16 Jun 2017

Missed a call from this number during business hours on my personal cell phone. They did not leave a message.
Caller: unknown

lina19 Jun 2017

I got a call from this number on Father's day really!!!!! survey on my cell hung up right away don't waste my time

Marg23 Jun 2017

They called. Didn't pick up. No voice mesage

27 Jul 2017


FrankY16 Sep 2017

Got a call, said only a one question survey, do you currently have a landline phone @ your home, if yes press 1, but I suspect when you press 1, the yes means something else in their computer, you can lose something valuable, most probably is money. I just hung up, to scare to press 1.
Caller: 8006722893

Tommy20 Sep 2017

Did not answer but called this number back, it is from a survey company ASDE from Gatineau, Que. Now on Block caller.
Caller: 1-800-672-2893

Disqusted receipient22 Sep 2017

I have received many calls from 5148766684 and 8006722893 from the same sounding male scammer who leaves either a brief or a voice mail to call back. I listened to the automated voice mail where he says he is calling from Gatineau, Quebec. He gives a fake address and says he isn't trying to sell anything and only had one question to ask: Do you have a land line in your home? If yes, press "1". At this point I hung up. I had heard this is a scam and that pressing ''1'' would somehow give him access to your phone.
Caller: Scammer

27 Nov 2017

Same here

Mike12 Dec 2017

These piss ants just called me at 7:330 on Monday eve. I answered, said hello 2 times and they simply hung up. Let me tell you - if I could get face to face with the sawed-off little c**k s****r who has the nerve to dial innocent people’s phone to scam or otherwise....... Well let’s just say medical and dental professionals is who THEY would be looking for calling and requiring next. This is the highest record of searches ANY fuckheads phone number I’ve EVER seen after searching one. Why bother with the phone fools. Come see me. Face to face. ALONE. THEN WE CAN DISCUSS THINGS. HAHHAHAAAA
Caller: Asshole

Haha16 Feb 2018

Phone did not leave a message. Blocked list
Possible phone number formats are (800) 672-2893, +1 (800) 672-2893, +18006722893, 8006722893, +1800-6722893, (0111) (800) 672-2893, 800.672.2893, 01118006722893, +1800/6722893, 800/672.2893, (0111)-800-672-2893.

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425-669-9392 USA, Washington, Silver Lake (snohomish)


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