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Phone number: (800) 347-0350

First check date: 02/16/2017 16:45

Last checked: 02/21/2018 04:02

Location: USA, Toll-free Service

Area code: 800

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anna20 Mar 2017

I got call from this number, and asking about someone , who passed away 6 month ago, and nothing to do with my phone number, I just new that person as a one of my friends friend I was suppressed why I got this call, and really seems to me very strange, since they way they where talking, its was totally fraud

Ann Onymous04 Apr 2017

IT IS DISCOVERCARD!!! 800-347-0359. NOT A SCAM. Caller left message, "This is Discover Card calling for " my name". Please call us back regarding account activity."...So, I looked up the number on Google, and there was conflicting reports, mostly saying not really DiscoverCard...So, I called Discover, from a number on my old statement, asked if I could verify the callers number. They asked me for my name, and the last 4 digits on the account, nothing else. They said that there was a note on my account, confirmed the time the call was placed, and asked me to hold for the fraud department.... Well, I am glad I don't believe everything on line, because as it turns out, Thursday, March 30,2017 someone called Discover, saying that they were me, answered a few security questions, which they got correct, and proceeded to request to add 4 authorized users to the account. And then on Friday, a request to add a 5th user... I believe having a zero balance, having no activity for almost 1 year, and DiscoverCard's security and waiting period for adding users by phone, has saved me from what could have been catastrophic. DiscoverCard told me I was a victim of Identify Theft, and that the caller had all of my information. They gave me the names of the people that were requested to be added, closed my account, advised me on what to do...I am very greatful to DiscoverCard and will use this card before any others. (This is not an ad or a joke.). So if someone from thus number calls you, someone is probably trying to use at least part if your information.

Debbi13 Feb 2018

Received several calls over the last few days from 800.347.0350 asking me to return a call to 800.762.3051. Caller says her name is Courtney from Discover. This is a scam. If you get a call from either of these numbers, contact DISCOVER using the number on the back of your card. They will confirm this is a scammer.
Caller: Courtney
Possible phone number formats are (800) 347-0350, +1 (800) 347-0350, +18003470350, 8003470350, +1800-3470350, (0111) (800) 347-0350, 800.347.0350, 01118003470350, +1800/3470350, 800/347.0350, (0111)-800-347-0350.

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416-619-9020 Canada, Ontario

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