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Phone number: (547) 854-4512

First check date: 12/13/2016 21:34

Last checked: 02/23/2018 20:54

Area code: 547

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Anonymous18 Dec 2016

Phishing Scam
Caller: Windows Tech Support

Michael lott06 Jan 2017

Got a scare call from above number. It was regarding Windows and someone using my computer for illegal purposes. I was polite and hung up. Running full Kaspersky scan now.
Caller: Overseas voice and quality?

Anonymous10 Jan 2017

Windows Scam.
Caller: "Windows Tech Support"

Madison11 Jan 2017

I got a call from "Windows Tech Support" telling me someone is trying to hack into my computer. The immediate red flag was the phone quality, and the vague instructions of the caller. When I asked how they knew my computer was being hacked, again, very vague answers were given--prompting me to google the number they were calling from, and came upon this. I hung up on her the first time, she proceeded to try and call me back a number of times, until I finally answered again, informed her of my research, and asked her not to call me back--politely.
Caller: 1 (547) 854-4512

anonymous18 Jan 2017

they seem to be calling all of Bellville, ontario landline numbers at this hour,. Our business has multiple landline numbers, the same call came in 15 minutes ago on one of our other numbers. Same thing here poor audio, VOIP is likely . Based on the man's heavy accent the call is likely out of India. I have done some research on this scam before. There is a huge problem with these low life's ripping off elderly trusting people etc .. At the beginning of the call the man said "hello sir how are you today" I replied "pretty good how are things in India" the call dropped immediately... lol I received this same call at home more than once, I pretended to be at my computer and to follow their instructions, leading them on to believe there were going to have the remote access they need, etc .. I had them on the phone for a half hour . As far as I am concerned morally there is nothing at all wrong with wasting their time and playing with them anyway you can. As the less time they will have for the next victim. The sad thing is they make money still with this or it would not be happening. They charge a credit card with your permission after infecting your pc etc ...

annoyed30 Jan 2017

rec'd call just now in Mississippi--- the indian accent guy was friendly and said was calling about Microsoft and my computer and I played dumb and like computer? I don't have a computer? and he hung up quickly.
Caller: scammer

pestered12 Feb 2017

this number called three times this week telling me the same as above, reputing to be from Microsoft and that hackers have gotten in to my computer. I played along for a while. When they asked me to give them access, I said 'This is really strange since I don't own a computer'. The first one called me a liar, the second tried to convince me that I really do have a computer and the last one just hung up. When I tried calling the number I got a disconnected notice.
Caller: Supposedly "'Microsoft"

Grrr13 Feb 2017

number called and said they were from Microsoft. They stated that something is wrong with my computer. Told them I do not own a computer and then hung up on them. There was a lot of noise in the background like a call center
Caller: Supposley Microsoft

john25 Feb 2017

they called about my computer and I told him I didn't have one and he hung up.
Caller: jeff
Possible phone number formats are (547) 854-4512, +1 (547) 854-4512, +15478544512, 5478544512, +1547-8544512, (0111) (547) 854-4512, 547.854.4512, 01115478544512, +1547/8544512, 547/854.4512, (0111)-547-854-4512.

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760-248-0535 USA, California, Lucerne Valley

A lame recording about some federal crime I'm being accused of asking me to c......

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