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Phone number: (508) 271-1900

First check date: 10/12/2016 15:45

Last checked: 02/18/2018 04:07

Location: USA, Massachusetts, Framingham

Area code: 508

Zip code: 1702


County/Parish: MIDDLESEX

Timezone: Eastern Standard Time, Now time: 04:07:04

This exchange code 271 is managed by VERIZON NEW ENGLAND INC.

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Latest Reports

Roberta12 Oct 2016

Spam response from Craigslist ad. Said his name is Rodney
Caller: Rodney

Kevin12 Oct 2016

Responds on craglist. His name is Rodney.

Ken14 Oct 2016

He just tried me for a Craigslist add. Thanks to the nice folks who reported him before, I stopped him quick.
Caller: Rodney

Sunny14 Oct 2016

Scam, Scam, Scam - goes by Rodney - responds to Craigslist and says he will pay via paypal. Tells you he made payment and you get an email from someone that is NOT paypal - but has all the looks of a paypal email. Sends more money than item sold for and says that the additional amount is for pickup, Asks you to pay the "shipper" via moneygram (where once money is paid cannot be refunded) you will see this email [email protected] next to the payplal sign
Caller: Rodney

Joy17 Oct 2016

Just just posted my furniture for sale on Craigslist and received the same message as the previous writer. Caller is now blocked.

Bryan18 Oct 2016

Same story....

ERIN23 Oct 2016

Be careful! I just went through the same thing. Please call Moneygram to STOP your PAYMENT. I posted also on Craigslist for furniture I want to sell and within two hours this person name RODNEY contacted me. He has been messaging me constantly the whole day to make payment for his delivery person.

James23 Oct 2016

Here is how you SCREW with the scammer. Actually this is really fun for me. Play along with him/her/tranny and after you receive the fake PayPal confirmation email sent to you by "it," send it a fake Moneygram confirm email. Like an idiot, the scammer, or Rodney in this case, will drive his happy ass down to the local moneygram store to pick up his non-existent payment he thinks you sent. Does not take much time but at least you get to waste his time and dwell in the satisfaction of screwing the asshat over at his own game.
Caller: 508-271-1900

Njal25 Oct 2016

Posted an ad on Craigslist for some furniture and Rodney sent a text within an hour of posting the ad asking if was still available. Thanks for the heads up. I have blocked Rodney's #.

jt29 Oct 2016

just spent the last hour messing will this guy, he is going to send movers to pick up, wants me to delete the items from craigslist but I told him I need the money first. and no I am not using paypal.
Caller: rodney

Jennifer04 Nov 2016

Thank you for all your posting! I had just posted my sofa and loveseat for sell on Craiglist and got text message soon from this number asking the items. I have been careful and did not reply right away before checking online. Thanks!

Jen04 Nov 2016

Thank you as well!! So glad I decided to research the number before proceeding.
Caller: 508-271-1900

Sam07 Nov 2016

Craigslist scammer lowlife, dont waste any time beyond this page.
Caller: Rodney

Fran13 Nov 2016

Said his name was Rodney and he'd set up for a private hauler never heard of that. He responded to my craigslist. I don't know why but I decided to look up the number and found this. Thank y'all so much. I was about to get scammed.
Caller: Rodney

s merri13 Nov 2016

Same thing. Texted about my Craigslist ad and wasted a bunch of my time. Letting my kid f*** with this guy now. LOL!

E Ripley23 Nov 2016

Got the same thing. Couch and loveseat. Wanted to pickup and pay through paypal. Sent him my paypal address but then he asked me to take down the craigslist post. He was too excited about this couch so I found this page. "Couch and Loveseat Set, Forrest Green - $431 still for sale? Rodney" "Great...Am okay with the price and present condition, i believe with that i wont be disappointed in buying it from you, what is the zip code for the pick up arrangement and do you have an account with paypal to receive payment?" "Sounds good let me have your paypal name and email address for the payment transfer..."
Caller: 508-271-1900

Hunter C24 Nov 2016

Posted a couch on Craigslist and wishin 20 min, got a text from a guy name Rodney text from this number and said "Great...Am okay with the price and present condition, i believe with that i wont be disappointed in buying it from you, what is the zip code for the pick up arrangement and do you have an account with paypal to receive payment?" On a $700 couch. I just sent him this link. Thank you for posting and saving me from this guy.
Caller: (508) 271-1900

S Poore05 Dec 2016

Just posted a car for sale and got a text from this Rodney fella. I responded with the following text: "Is this a real person because I'm not entertaining scams today, nor paypal or shippers. If you are truly an interested party I will speak to you." I also got another one from a 389 area code. I haven't heard back from "Rodney". It's so sad that you can' sell anything without trying to be scammed.

Eric21 Dec 2016

Has a piece of my add, copied and pasted to a message. And inquiried if my item was still for sale. Signed Thanks Rodney

Jeris24 Dec 2016

Scam scam scam. Posted furniture on Craigslist and he sent me extra money to pay for a mover. Left my phome off for an hour and had over 20 messags from him being very annoying and pushy. He was immediately shut down and blocked
Caller: 5082711900

eeee27 Dec 2016

CG scammer

Ewok02 Jan 2017

Attempted to use the paypal scam on me, but luckily I saw through it. I only googled his number after the fact. He went on his usual paypal tangent (same thing from the other posts) but when I told him CASH ONLY he responded with "I would have loved to pay in cash but due to my present location and I only have a paypal attached to my account. It is reliable and easy to use paypal. I insisted on PayPal because I don't have access to my bank account online as I don't have internet banking, but I can pay from PayPal account, as I have my bank a/c attached to it" How that makes any sense I'll never know. Worst scammer ever.

Jeanne02 Jan 2017

Same thing with me. What a jerk!
Caller: Rodney

Ethan03 Jan 2017

Posted a reclining sofa for sale on Craigslist. And within 8 hours, received a text from him " Rodney" asking me to give him my PayPal name and email address so he could send funds. So glad I looked up his number online. Number is now blocked.
Caller: Rodney

Sue03 Jan 2017

Same thing happened to me. Over 50 times today. Repeatedly told "Rodney" that I was at work and could not respond. He got very annoyed at me. Immediately after me initially accepting his offer, he told me to take down the posting, which I did. Glad I checked on here. DO NOT try to complete any transactions with him. TOTAL SCAMMER.

Lisa03 Jan 2017

I just posted furniture and within minutes he Rodney - started messaging me today. Wondering if he stopped when you told him to? I screen shot all the complaints on him and texted them back...
Caller: 508-271-1900

Lucy04 Jan 2017

SCAM!!! Just posted furniture ad and got the same message from Rodney with the exact same language that previous people posted. I told him I that I don't have paypal and would rather have it be a cash transaction and within seconds he responded "Kindly sign up for a Paypal account it's just a few steps away from signing up ok? it's safe and secure for both Parties and i have been using Paypal to buy and sell for years now without problems. Let me know when you are done signing up. You can just log on to their website to set up an account." Thanks to all the previous reporters!
Caller: 508-271-1900

Karen09 Jan 2017

SCAM MESSAGE FROM CRAIGSLIST Stuff like this is what makes Craigslist so bad. Rodney Rodney...

dante10 Jan 2017

yes. scamalamadingdong. Same notes and messages.

Anonomyous16 Jan 2017

Craigslist scammer. Goes by Rodney.
Caller: Rodney
Possible phone number formats are (508) 271-1900, +1 (508) 271-1900, +15082711900, 5082711900, +1508-2711900, (0111) (508) 271-1900, 508.271.1900, 01115082711900, +1508/2711900, 508/271.1900, (0111)-508-271-1900.

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206-259-6357 USA, Washington, Vashon

Person speaking in heavily accented English instructs me to go to CVS to buy......

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