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Phone number: (412) 595-0081

First check date: 11/08/2016 16:50

Last checked: 03/22/2018 15:30

Location: USA, Pennsylvania, Bethel Park

Area code: 412

Zip code: 15102


County/Parish: ALLEGHENY

Timezone: Eastern Standard Time, Now time: 14:30:26

This exchange code 595 is managed by INTERMEDIA COMMUNICATIONS INC.

There has been a total of 34 comments left about the phone number.

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Latest Reports

Stacy10 Nov 2016

This number has called me 10 times this week. I answer and no one is there

Andrea10 Nov 2016

Continue to get calls from this number no one is on the line

Havok13 Nov 2016

I have been been getting calls from this number since late October every weekday and there is nobody on the other end, and when I call this number back, nobody answers, though there is the noise of a call center in the background. We were recently almost victims of another scam so I would suggest to any law enforcement reading this (i.e. The attorneys general of the state of Pennsylvania), to please check out this number since others have been getting similar harassment (see other comments here). We shall be in touch with the police about this number.

J14 Nov 2016

Same here, calls from this number over and over, and no one's there when I pick up.
Caller: probably autodialed

J14 Nov 2016

I called the BBB and this isn't the number of a local business that they know of. I needed to check because I have some job applications out. I think this is a spammer.

T22 Nov 2016

This phone number tracks you if you answer. I'm sure what they're doing is pinging you to see if you will answer. If the phone successfully connects, another number sometimes unknown will soon call and say "Hi is this (your father's name)" and since it's not, when you say "No", they counter with "Well maybe you can help me"

K26 Nov 2016

This number calls daily, it calls my landline and it calls my cell phone#, when you pick up, nobody is on the other end. Getting disgusted, as I'm registered on the DO NO CALL list, at no avail, I get these repeated calls.
Caller: 412-595-0081

Denise30 Nov 2016

Received an unsolicited call from this number. Person stated they were calling on behalf of my electric company to offer me a lower rate. Every question I asked was answered with I would receive a lower rate on my electric bill & asking to confirm my phone number.

D M Andry01 Dec 2016

This number called me asking about my mother's Atlantic City Electric bill. Told them they had the wrong number.
Caller: 412-595-0081

JR01 Dec 2016

Keeps calling with no one on answers. I have blocked the number
Caller: 412-595-0081

Jb03 Dec 2016

I would like to strangle the people calling me from this number. Blocked.

DH06 Dec 2016

I got a call from this number offering a lower rate on my electric bill. They asked me to run and get my electric bill to confirm my customer number. I said I don't have an electric bill and they insisted they were required to stay on the line until I got my bill I said lets use your bill they said sir we need to get your customer number, I said ok I like 5 lets use that number they I like number 7 I said great lets use 75 they said so what your telling me is you're not interested in a rate reduction on your electric bill? I said you catch on fast. They did wish me a good day before they hung up.

pkk06 Dec 2016

called me in mexico

AK08 Dec 2016

I have been receiving occasional calls from this number for the past 4-6 weeks. Frequency increased last week (which I ignored). Yesterday they called at 2:12 which I answered and there was no response. Called again at 3:37 which I just let ring. Called again at 3:49 and I hit ignore on my phone. Called again this morning at 9:33. I answered, they told me they were calling about my electric bill. I told them I am not interested, take me off their call list and stop burning up my phone. We will see.
Caller: Do not know

KB16 Dec 2016

Multiple calls, no one on other end started 2 weeks ago according to my call logs. 12/1/2016 ish.
Caller: 412-595-0081

LH20 Dec 2016

Daily phone calls from this number. I don't answer it and when I called the number back, I got a recording that number is not in service.
Caller: Bethel Park, PA

matt20 Dec 2016

this number called and left no message. i googled the number and came up on this page. i'm wondering if this is some sort of audio database where they're collecting ppls voices and storing them in order to access future voice activated/voice recognition encryptions. I may sound conspiracy theory-ish, but why not? better be safe than sorry.
Caller: 412-595-0081

You can stop them23 Dec 2016

On your cell phone block these guys. There are apps out there you can download and then add to a blocked list. I have over 90 numbers blocked. Just added this one today. They are trying to see if you are a live person first. The Do Not Call List is a joke so don't even bother!
Caller: Some nut

Katndale28 Dec 2016

Hang up calls from this number frequently. several days ago they offered to lower my Duke electric bill. When I told the caller I do not have Duke, the caller was polite and apologized and hung up. Now I'm getting hang up calls. Sure wish it was possible to punish the scammers and fraud merchants.
Caller: Unknown

Dee28 Dec 2016

They called and I did not answer. Thanks to those reporting here I will never answer it.

Andi29 Dec 2016

No one there when I answer.

A30 Dec 2016

Constant harassment 2-3x a day. Always followed by what seems to be a local #. In disgust and anger, picked up the phone and cursed them. Just getting some verbal therapy. No one. There anyway, so I finally blocked both numbers. Hope it works and that Verizon doesn't charge for the blocks. Can't understand why something isn't done about this. Caller ID is a life saver, but the calls are Really stressing me out.

Ashley30 Dec 2016

I got the same line. But I just kept saying no and hung up on her.
Caller: 4125950081

Ashley30 Dec 2016

I got the same line about it being someone saving me money on my electric bill. She kept asking me about if I used this provider or that provider all of which were wrong. But I just kept saying no and hung up on her. Pretty certain it is a scam.
Caller: 4125950081

S31 Dec 2016

I keep getting them also on my home phone. No message and I don't answer. Shows Bethal Park, PA....which I'm not in that state.

J31 Dec 2016

If I don't know they number and they don't leave a VM I block them. I did try to call this number and guess what? Its a non working number now! Its a PN number so whatever. I get number like these all the time. Just block them, they'll stop calling.
Caller: 412-595-0081

Gryphon4904 Jan 2017

Spam call - blocked.

Nathan07 Jan 2017

Calls from same number for months now with no response on the other line. When i call back i dont even get a dial tone. Very suspicious.
Caller: (412) 595-0081

kh07 Jan 2017

Has called 1/7/16 at 11:01am, 1/7/16 at 9:53am 1/6/16 at 1:11 pm 1/6/16 at 11:53 am ON MY CELL PHONE !!!!!!! I have an old cell phone. Is there a 'basic' phone that can block these numbers - I really do not want a smart phone.
Caller: 412-595-0081

Felipe10 Jan 2017

Havok, What did the police say when you called? Did they make an arrest? Did the attorney general visit this web page and read your message and indict these people?

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no message then called another cell phone in same house want this person trac......

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