Caller Information

Phone number: (289) 275-0300

First check date: 01/12/2018

Last checked: 01/24/2018

Location: Canada, Ontario, Pickering

Area code: 289


This exchange code 275 is managed by Iristel Inc.

There has been a total of 13 comments left about the phone number.

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Latest Reports

Jonathan Poudrier12 Jan 2018

They call me and menace me. I didnt pick up the phone they let me a recorded message.
Caller: (289) 275-0300

Erin D12 Jan 2018

This is a scam don't answer , and dont be afraid of their threatening messages , block this number immediately!
Caller: 12892750300

David M12 Jan 2018

Didn't answer Voice Mail -robot threatening message 13 Jam 2018 4:04

Stephane12 Jan 2018

Received a call from this number today at 4:06 PM. Very threatening voice mail-robot pretending to be Canada Revenue Agency. Definitely a spam!

Rose12 Jan 2018

Got a call from this number. Sounded like a robot. Left a menacing message.

MR12 Jan 2018

Threatening robo voice message asking you or your attorney to call them back, what a joke, blocked!

Deadpool12 Jan 2018

Threatening purported CRA scam. Definitely not how CRA operates. Roboticized voice. As best as I can hear/interpret it: ... crime investigation department of Canada Revenue Agency. The very second you receive this message (unintelligible) you or your retained attorney (unintelligible) return the call. The issue at the hand is extremely time sensitive. (Topline?) to our division is 1-289-275-0300. I repeat it's 1-289-275-0300. Now don't try to disregard this message and do return the call. If you don't return the call or if we don't hear from your attorney either the only thing we can do is wish you good luck as the situation is (unfolded?) on you. Goodbye.
Caller: CRA scam

Donna13 Jan 2018

I received a recorded voicemail message as well from this number 289-275-0300 at 4:27pm and there was a robotic male voice telling me to call back. He said something about if you don't call back or if we don't hear from your attorney all we can do is wish you luck...
Caller: 2892750300

troy13 Jan 2018

as soon as i heard that american accent i hung up.
Caller: 289 275 0300

Val15 Jan 2018

Received a call this morning at work from 1 289 275-0300. Didn't answer as I do not answer phone numbers I don't recognize. When I listen to the message. It was a Robotic voice saying this is Revenue Canada Agency. The message was pretty much the same as Deadpool described. I deleted the message and blocked the number immediately.
Caller: CRA Scam

Shah15 Jan 2018

same here .. got call from this number 12892750300 .. robotic voice ... looks to be spam ..
Caller: 12892750300

Lloyd15 Jan 2018

Supposedly CRA, asking me to call them right away. Definitely NOT! I've been retired since '95 and have never had a question on my returns.
Caller: CRA NOT!

Khan Md16 Jan 2018

received twice call from this number. Learned before the phoney calls about CRA and Immigration Canada where some people pretending to be "Officers" and asking for money. Never answer any of these unknown numbers and just ignore them.
Caller: 12892750300
Possible phone number formats are (289) 275-0300, +1 (289) 275-0300, +12892750300, 2892750300, +1289-2750300, (0111) (289) 275-0300, 289.275.0300, 01112892750300, +1289/2750300, 289/275.0300, (0111)-289-275-0300.

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613-902-5709 Canada, Ontario

Jan 11 2018 : Received a call from 613 902 5709 . I did not answer, they lef......

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