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Phone number: (256) 686-8630

First check date: 02/12/2018 15:56

Last checked: 02/21/2018 04:05

Location: USA, Alabama, Decatur

Area code: 256

Zip code: 35601


County/Parish: MORGAN

Timezone: Central Standard Time, Now time: 03:05:17

This exchange code 686 is managed by CHARTER FIBERLINK - ALABAMA, L

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Latest Reports

Colleen Nikstenas12 Feb 2018

I received a very grammatically incorrect voicemail from this place that claims to be the Internal Revenue Service. The voicemail purported to have several charges against me and that the "cops" will soon arrest me. If I were anyone in fear for my tax status or immigration status, I can see how this would be terrifying! Luckily for me, no such worries. Someone needs to shut down the scammers quickly. I called them back and warned I would be calling the actual IRS and filing a report with all the information which I was currently recording for posterity.
Caller: Claim to be Internal Revenue Service.

Rebecca12 Feb 2018

Same thing as above serious charges but didn't say from where. Be" taking custody by cops" their bad grammar , not mine. Left me multiple messages.
Caller: 256-686-8630

noncriminal12 Feb 2018

same as reported by Colleen Nikstenas above. They called my cell. But i didn't call them back; I just blocked the number.

Andy12 Feb 2018

Same thing as above serious charges but didn't say from where. Be" taking custody by cops" their bad grammar , not mine. Left me multiple messages. Caller: 256-686-8630

fake call12 Feb 2018

received a message on my cell phone saying I had 4 charges against me and the cops would be coming for me if I did not return this call. I called from my land line not my and the line was busy. Will not call back and I know I don't have any charges towards me for anything. Bull shit scammers

Rrrrr12 Feb 2018

Same information as above... Same poor grammar...

Agnes12 Feb 2018

my mom just got one of these calls, they said she had 24 hours till the cops would come get her. Someone needs to stop these scams.
Caller: IRS

Hater of Elder Abuse12 Feb 2018

As above, it is a robocall scam using a voice synth where the script was written in broken English with, as noted above, piss-poor grammar. They are pretending to be the IRS and demand that you call them back "within 24 working hours". Scumbags like this need to be shut down

Sam12 Feb 2018

This caller is a big scammer and must be legally prosecuted. My friend received call from this number and he was about to take serious steps but his co-worker informed him about the scam. After couple of months I received a call from the scammer but I was aware it due to my friend.
Caller: IRS-Scammer

Charlie12 Feb 2018

IRS is calling the local cops in 24 hrs. Made me laugh out loud. I do feel bad for those that fall for this scam
Caller: IRS

Lori13 Feb 2018

Yes...I just got the same call. I have charges against me and cops will be coming for me! I didn't hear the first few words so after reading this, I now know they were trying to pretend it was the IRS....Geeze, can't people find better things to do with their time? Some innocent unsuspecting person is going to respond and give them their ss#...and cause a lot of stress in their lives.

Ticked Off13 Feb 2018

Same as everyone else about the IRS. People need to get a job. Normally I don't answer calls I'm not familiar with but just did out of curiosity. Won't do that again.

Coleen13 Feb 2018

Same message as everyone has stated above. Total Spam. Blocked number.
Possible phone number formats are (256) 686-8630, +1 (256) 686-8630, +12566868630, 2566868630, +1256-6868630, (0111) (256) 686-8630, 256.686.8630, 01112566868630, +1256/6868630, 256/686.8630, (0111)-256-686-8630.

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315-614-2806 New York, Ogdensburg

Claims to be the IRS. threatens if you don't call him back he will take this ......

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