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Phone number: (253) 235-4504

First check date: 02/22/2017 15:35

Last checked: 02/18/2018 04:06

Location: USA, Washington, Tacoma

Area code: 253

Zip code: 98424


County/Parish: PIERCE

Timezone: Pacific Standard Time, Now time: 01:06:34

This exchange code 235 is managed by LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS, LLC -

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Latest Reports

Tom23 Feb 2017

Said they were IRS and I owe them $4000. Nothing in the mail. Said she was in Washington DC and my phone says Tacoma Washington. Voicemail said I have a warrant and they are watching my property, robot voice of course. She said we can settle this or be arrested in 30 to 45 mins. They all have deep Hispanic accents and hard to understand. The IRS does not call you! Always by mail.

Niki24 Feb 2017

Officer Susan called me from IRS to say I owe the IRS $8900. She shared that as soon as I hang up a "cop" would be at my home to arrest me. I am under investigation by the IRS for tax year of 2010-2015. She asked did I make errors on my tax return on purpose or intentionally. I asked why have I not received notice in the mail from the IRS. She stated a certified letter was mailed to me on 11/15/16 and again on 12/5/16. Then an officer can to my home and no one was there. This obviously a scam of some type. I did not stay on the line long enough to hear anymore of her bull jive.
Caller: 253-235-4504

Ron25 Feb 2017

Got a voice mail from 253-235-4504 saying they were from the IRS claims dept. they said there was a warrant for my arrest and all my property was at stake if I didn't call this number right away. What a scam. IRS does not call you they will notify you by mail. These callers are unbelievable. Let's stay aware people of these scammers.
Caller: 253-235-4504

Jeff03 Mar 2017

Fake IRS call. Total scam! Do not answer.
Caller: FAKE IRS

Cheryl07 Mar 2017

Just got a call from them. They left a recorded voice mail to return their call before any legal action is taken. I knew it had to be a scam. So I looked the number up and found this page. I have no plans on calling them back.

Melanie09 Mar 2017

Just received a call and a voice was left by a computerized voice. The voice mail said to return their call before any legal action is taken. 253-235-4504. Scammers - unbelievable!
Caller: 253-235-4504

Elizabeth 16 Mar 2017

I got a voicemail from this number and it said that me and my property were being monitored and watched and that I needed to call them back immediately before they proceeded further with legal action against me. Of course the voice was computer generated. I never called them back. As far as I'm concerned if there is any legal action to be taken against me, then let them send me a letter or an officer to my door. They never said they were any type of government agency, unlike the call other people have received. I am tempted to do as the woman in the video did and call them back and record it all, but... They are not worth the effort.
Caller: 253-235-4504
Possible phone number formats are (253) 235-4504, +1 (253) 235-4504, +12532354504, 2532354504, +1253-2354504, (0111) (253) 235-4504, 253.235.4504, 01112532354504, +1253/2354504, 253/235.4504, (0111)-253-235-4504.

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