Caller Information

Phone number: (844) 301-0371

First check date: 05/16/2017

Last checked: 12/14/2017

Location: USA, Toll-free Service

Area code: 844

Comments: 9

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Latest Reports

Tom19 May 2017

This number calles me thjs morning with a thick east Indian accent, threatening me to call back or I will be sorry.
Caller: Male with east Indian accent

Ravo19 May 2017

I have just received 4 calls from this number. I called back but it is cut off. 19/05/2017
Caller: +1 844 301 0371

Giovani F19 May 2017

I got the same call but from a person with a Brooklyn accent.

Hendie19 May 2017

I have had two calls from this number in the past two days. I called back, and an Indian sounding gentleman informed me that I am being taken to court by the Canada Revenue Agency. I have fraudulently misrepresented my income from 2010-2015, and they are about to put me in jail unless I pay $4325 out of court. When I demanded documentation and further information he hung up on me.

Karen20 May 2017

I got a message from this number much like the above telling me to call or have my attorney call officer Craig Williams with an East Indian accent! It's a scam! Why can't the authorities stop these a**holes from stealing money from people?! We not all that guillible!
Caller: 844-301-0371

Gil 23 May 2017

Received spam call at new mobile # from east Indian man (James) threatening to call the police unless I paid Canada Revenue Agency $2100. I called back a man answered "Brad Butter" and proceeded to use an Indian swear word that I recognized (similar to MF) to identify himself. I then hung up the phone. 1-844-301-0371.
Caller: 1-844-301-0371

Matt24 May 2017

I just got a call from this clown, threatening some horrible stuff will happen to me if I don't call him back. He said his name was Craig Williams and his phone number is 1-844-301-0371.

Brian25 May 2017

Received a voicemail from an "Officer Greg (Craig?) Williams" asking me to return his call on 1-844-301-0371. I returned that call after doing a Google Search and coming across this site (which I normally do when I receive unsolicited calls). I phoned back out of interest and the call was answered by someone from "Canada Revenue Agency". I proceeded to provide a pseudonym and was told to wait on hold. A minute or two later, I was told the person with the pseudonym also (miraculously!) was wanted for tax evasion and a fraudulent scheme with CRA and that I would have to get my lawyer to contact them. I advised them that I am a lawyer (which is true) and that I was starting to suspect this was all a big scam. The person hung up. In short, don't give these dirtbags any of your personal information, or better yet, don't take or return their call.
Caller: Officer Craig Williams

Scam 03 Nov 2017

They using fake pop-ups to make people believe that infected with virus. His IP address: India, New Delhi. I got his IP by going in to link.
Caller: +18443010371

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202-883-2078 USA, District of Columbia

Called all day long and either listens to you or hangs up!!! This is every 10......

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