USA, South Carolina, Gastonia

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Possible phone number formats are (803) 339-2258, +1 803-339-2258, 803-339-2258, +18033392258, 8033392258.

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Rae01 Mar 2017

Caller claims that they are a mediator and that i need to call them to answer questions regarding allegations against me, also leaving a file number. They do not identify their company. Have no clue what they are talking about.

Ana02 Mar 2017

They are scammers people, do not let them intimidate you, they harassed me for over a month calling me every day until I got fed up of it and called them back and had my recorder on with me. First thing, I asked them to identify the company that they are calling me from, the name of the agent with which I was speaking to, his agent id or number or anything that could identify them as a creditable company and they wouldn't do that. They kept asking me to verify the last four of my SS # and never did, I told them that until they identify themselves with me first I was not going to provide any of my info to them. I also made it clear that if they keep harassing me I'm going to file a complaint with the attorney general of the State where I live and the guy was like: ma'm you need to be careful with what you are saying and I reiterated that I know my rights and I'm ready to go into a legal battle with them if they wouldn't stop the calls. I even told them that since they have all my info (supposedly), I wanted them to send me such allegations they have against me by certified mail. They usually say that the cops will show up to your house if you don't cooperate and I told them to send the cops right at the moment that I was going to go on my porch and wait for them to show up to my house. I'm ready for those stupid scammers, ready for them whenever they want to deal with me, I will be here waiting for them. I dare them to call me once again!!! DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE ANY OF YOUR INFORMATION, THEY ARE VOGUS AND THEY ARE JUST AND SIMPLY PUT SCAMMERS. DON'T GIVE IN.
Caller: 1-803-339-2258

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This number calls my land line daily sometimes twice a day. It's annoying and I feel it's harassing my family.