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Possible phone number formats are (567) 252-5685, +1 567-252-5685, 567-252-5685, +15672525685, 5672525685.

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Chris05 Jan 2017

I received many calls from this number today and then I finally answered one. Foreign accented man claimed I had a virus on my computer and wanted to take control. Im not that naive! But obviously they call the home phone during daylight hours to get older unsuspecting seniors. One other reason to get rid of the home phone. I hope they rot in hell for scamming innocent unsuspecting people!

hatesTelemarketing06 Jan 2017

No answer when I picked up. I called the number back and got a recorded message that the voice mail hadn't been set up.
Caller: CAller ID said TOLEDO OH

Mpls06 Jan 2017

Called about 10 times today. Never left a message. Calls were back to back to back. harassing.

MLJ06 Jan 2017

I went out of the house to run an errand and they called 9 times in 45 minutes. I have blocked them; however, I can see they are still attempting to call.
Caller: Toledo OH

M06 Jan 2017

Called 11 times here today on my cell.
Caller: 567-525-5685

Not a Victim11 Jan 2017

Called my number today 01/10/2017 at 4:52pm PST Left no message. Most likely either a scammer or telemarketer; Recommendation? Do not answer!
Caller: Unknown

DJ11 Jan 2017

Foreign accented man wanted to talk about my laptop - which I do not have

Tim 24 Jan 2017

Foreign accented man saying he was calling from Windows. Hung up on him.

Mike25 Jan 2017

Caller ID showed while I was on another call. Not recognizing the #, I didn't flash. Glad to see the other responses on this page about Microsoft scam. Thanks!
Caller: 567-252-5685

Mary T31 Jan 2017

Called today, a foreign accent saying He was from windows and that they detected a problem with my computer. Told him I was a software designer and didn't use windows. This totally confused him. I hung up and blocked the number.

Andrew the tech03 Feb 2017

An important thing to remember anytime you get an unsolicited call from someone saying they're from Microsoft or Google or Apple etc is to remember these companies do not care. They have no reason to spend the money to call you. It's a scam to either charge you for services you don't need or (more likely) to get you to install their ransomware, some of which can be quite nasty.
Caller: 567-252-5685

Nate05 Feb 2017

They called me today, and a guy with a thick Indian accent said that I have a virus and adware on my computer. So I asked him, is it my work computer or my personal computer. He said, "Personal". Then I said, "Oh, ok so you mean my dell computer". And he said, "yes the dell." I then said, "Well I don't have a dell, leave me alone, take me off your list. <click>" I wish I could do more to help stop the little old lady who might trusts these jerks. I guess I could have wasted a little more of their time so they didn't target the next person.
Caller: Spammers or worse

Emma06 Feb 2017

I've read articles that someone will call and ask if you can hear them, and when you say yes, they record it and use your voice to approve fraudulent charges. Just a tip - they also say hello a couple times as well as ask if you're there, before they get to asking if you can hear them
Caller: Toledo OH

KT08 Feb 2017

reported to as an "abandoned call"

EFM15 Feb 2017

The same forign sounding jerk called me three times after I told him not to call me again. He claimed he was from Microsoft and that they detected a virus on my compuer. I told him I was not interested in his scam and hung up on him. He immediately called me back. I told him to stop calling me and hung up again. Before I could block his call, he was calling me again. I finally block the number. When I accidently engaged the number as it was still showing on my phone, I got a recording saying the number was not a working number.
Caller: Unknown

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They caller stated that I have a grant to receive in the amount of 9,0000.00 from the government abd gave a ID # to u...