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Possible phone number formats are (305) 515-8977, +1 305-515-8977, 305-515-8977, +13055158977, 3055158977.

Latest Reports for 3055158977

J.Hall17 Mar 2017

IRS CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS OFFICE stating that I am going to have a serious lawsuit filed, for tax fraud. And that I owed $3786.00 They have me a case number and The officers name was Lita Jones Badge#841585 why would florida call me when I live in newjersey. I can't stand it knowing that there Are these organizations trying to scam money. I told them to mail me the forms. They didn't have my address on file . I guess you can't fix stupid.
Caller: Irs criminal investigations unit

someone17 Mar 2017

fake fake number ...they say we r IRS..hahahah.. fuck those scammers . IRS never call someone, they only mail.

Rose220 Mar 2017

I got a simular message that My Name is attached to a lawsuit and their "coach" was going to pick me up! (Shacking in my shoes, NOT). The English language use was odd for one thing. I hope everyone knows if this is in fact true......mail me the paperwork. Since they have My Name, they must have my address info. DO NOT VERIFY YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION. Legally, you have to receive printed legal notices by mail and sign for it. DELETE MSG. Be safe people.
Caller: 305-515-8977

Mac23 Mar 2017

I just got a call from the same number... They told me that my bank account would be frozen, my car would be impounded, and that a deputy was going to come to my house and arrest me. But they couldn't tell me where I lived, my SS # or anything about me. I told them to mail me the information and they hung up on me. Caller also was very hard to understand, not good English.

Tina24 Mar 2017

Definitely a scam!!! DO not call this number back or speak with them regarding anything!
Caller: 305-515-8977

Wissam28 Mar 2017

I got called from this phone number 305-515-8977. They are very bad very on professional people doesn't know how to speak English they're saying that they are IRS. They're saying that I owed the government $3786.00 . Tax , its shoud be a way to stop bothering the poeple.

Erin03 Apr 2017

I got the same call from 305-515-8977. I don't understand how they are not arrested. This is not okay!

Donita 06 Apr 2017

Just got the same call went to voicemail, told me I had 24 hour to respond or they were going to come arrest me. Hahahaha NOT!!

Al07 Apr 2017

Just got a call from this number. "Serious allegations have been filed against me with the IRS" I'm say bullshit. I've always done my taxes.

Marianne Schell08 Apr 2017

I got the same message from this number as the ones above. I don't answer these phone calls. I get calls from this number a couple of times a week.

Jade11 Apr 2017

That is exactly what mine said.

David 11 Apr 2017

Got the same call. The guys name " Alan Johnson " .And very oriental sounding to have such an American name. I suppose he got tired of me carrying on the conversation, he knew that I knew it's a scam. He hung up on me.
Caller: Alan Johnson

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Caller unknown to me so didn't answer, call went to VM, caller immediately hung up. NEVER Answer "UNKNOWN" calls fr...