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800-596-17588 comments
Please investigate this number! And please report to the appropriate authority ASAP!
Last Comment about 2 hours ago | Phone 8005961758 | 800 area code
216-538-67113 comments
Josue ocasio group in Cleveland Ohio burned me out of 25k and never finished the remodeling job. I had to hire another contractor to finish his job I paid him to do. His workers are pedophiles and he pays them with pills. Do yourself a favor and stay away from them.
Last Comment about 4 hours ago | Phone 2165386711 | 216 area code
830-500-27221 comment
This number generated a scam call leaving the following message. I hope the public knows that the US treasury department will never use a phone call for notification of pending action: Action which has been executed by the US treasury department regarding a tax fraud against your name ignoring this will be an intentional attempt to avoid initial appearance before a magistrate judge or grandc...
Last Comment about 7 hours ago | Phone 8305002722 | 830 area code
248-791-90201 comment
248-791-9020 calls Landline. Leaves no message - Caller-ID shows "COMPLAINT SYSTM" - Caller blocked. (Also uses # 720-770-4204.)
Last Comment about 7 hours ago | Phone 2487919020 | 248 area code
844-750-62581 comment
This is a telephone scam. Someone claiming they are calling from CRA will call you in an aggressive manner demanding you call back before action is taken against you. The call went similar to this: at hand is extremely time-sensitive. I am officer Nicky Johnson from the Canada Revenue Agency, and the hot-line to my division is 613-665-0503. I repeat, it’s 613-665-0503. Don’t disregard this...
Last Comment about 8 hours ago | Phone 8447506258 | 844 area code
309-498-04433 comments
Two missed calls today... left no message...called back and received error message
Last Comment about 9 hours ago | Phone 3094980443 | 309 area code
727-363-15062 comments
keep on getting phone calls from this number. no one on line. call back no answer.
Last Comment about 10 hours ago | Phone 7273631506 | 727 area code
206-956-74131 comment
Asked for money to clean my computer and told me if I didn't pay they would lock it.
Last Comment about 10 hours ago | Phone 2069567413 | 206 area code
708-967-31631 comment
Receiving multiple phone message from supposably IRS saying I'm being sued and to call regarding my case file. Called number today and when they answered they did not represent themselves as IRS and immediately wanted my name which I would not give. They said they had sent a letter but I didn't respond and that's why they were calling. I said that's not true and I know they're scammers and to r...
Last Comment about 11 hours ago | Phone 7089673163 | 708 area code
917-382-41742 comments
This person is calling my phone about a bad check and I am tired of them..i feel like they need send me the information to my address,sent they have it on file,,
Last Comment about 11 hours ago | Phone 9173824174 | 917 area code
470-639-92251 comment
A robocall from un known - a woman with heavy accent selling some health insurance - A search shows this number to be from Atlanta, Georgia. A land line using TELEPORT COMMUNICATIONS AMERICA, LLC - GA.
Last Comment about 12 hours ago | Phone 4706399225
303-862-31351 comment
this company is calling in regards to a tax matter. They are not with the state or irs. They are trying to resolve the issue with affordable programs
Last Comment about 12 hours ago | Phone 3038623135 | 303 area code
205-588-59231 comment
A robocall from unknown - Called my cell and asked to speak to James. I told him he had the wrong number. Then proceeded to start talking about a donation. I told him I only make donations in person. A search shows this number to be from Birmingham, Alabama. A wireless number using NEW CINGULAR WIRELESS PCS, LLC - GA.
Last Comment about 12 hours ago | Phone 2055885923 | 205 area code
651-294-60811 comment
651-294-6081 is Direct Recovery Services LLC 629 7th Avenue Suite 1 Two Harbors Minnesota 55616. Susan Fitz, Manager Elle Gusman, Owner Very corrupt and sleazy collection agency using underhanded collection practices which violate the fair debt collection practices act.
Last Comment about 13 hours ago | Phone 6512946081 | 651 area code
702-323-18711 comment
I was called perhaps by someone seeking telemarketing. I annoyed them enough for them to call me an expletive, then hang up on me.
Last Comment about 13 hours ago | Phone 7023231871 | 702 area code
985-202-93311 comment
calls continuously day and night
Last Comment about 13 hours ago | Phone 9852029331 | 985 area code
359-458-217910 comments
They have called me 11 times so far today it's really starting to piss me off how do I get them to STOP? I have blocked the number already.
Last Comment about 13 hours ago | Phone 3594582179
813-121-98651 comment
Call and nothing happens
Last Comment about 13 hours ago | Phone 8131219865 | 813 area code
844-554-03981 comment
You didn't know who was calling you when you answered the phone and worse, you called the number back. WHY ARE YOU ANSWERING CALLS FROM NUMBERS YOU DON'T RECOGNIZE? Do you live under a rock and haven't heard the 10 thousand "experts" on television news shows and other media outlets who have repeatedly told you to NEVER answer calls from numbers you don't recognize? You HAD to have heard that to...
Last Comment about 13 hours ago | Phone 8445540398 | 844 area code
315-992-19241 comment
I called back and found out it's a guy named "William Black" from the IRS. When I asked him to confirm his name and his employer for me, which he did, I asked which office he was calling from.. he then put me on hold (without saying he would), and never came back to speak to me.
Last Comment about 13 hours ago | Phone 3159921924 | 315 area code
877-219-974421 comments
Message from guy with heavy accent claiming to be Officer Craig Williams and that the message is time sensitive. And if I or my attorney did not return the call I would have to be dealing with the situation as it unfolds and then wished me luck. Any officer in any capacity would identify their location and where and why they were calling. Nice try Officer Williams with the heavy European accent.!
Last Comment about 14 hours ago | Phone 8772199744 | 877 area code
360-112-20001 comment
The call went to voicemail 15seconds of office background noise only. Usually 2/3 seconds I have been getting an abnormal amount of these calls especially this year. If you answer And if it's actually a human on the other end They almost Always ask if this IS whatever your name is Hoping you say YES. And the second you ask who they are They Hangup . Robo calls say if you want to be put on the...
Last Comment about 14 hours ago | Phone 3601122000 | 360 area code
561-325-61381 comment
They asked me if i soend 100$ on prescriptions...+1 (561) 325-6138
Last Comment about 14 hours ago | Phone 5613256138 | 561 area code
359-458-217910 comments
Recording stating that they are the Internal Revenue Service it's a scam asking that you call back the number please do not do this just hang up do not call them back the Internal Revenue Service will never call you on any type of debt they always make contact via certified letter letter or notice in the mail.
Last Comment about 14 hours ago | Phone 3594582179
434-322-45641 comment
I received a threaten call from this number! It Identifies as from the IRS!
Last Comment about 14 hours ago | Phone 4343224564 | 434 area code
309-498-04433 comments
Scam call trying to get credit card number.
Last Comment about 15 hours ago | Phone 3094980443 | 309 area code
309-498-04433 comments
I am sure the number above belongs to some innocent unsuspecting consumer. This number was just used in Visa/mastercard consumer services scam that called me. I waited on line and a Foreign man came on the line after the initial recorded Greeting saying "HI this is Heather with consumer card services. We are attempting to help you lower your rates.... blah blah blah. Anyway, I asked him "whe...
Last Comment about 15 hours ago | Phone 3094980443 | 309 area code
888-285-91791 comment
18882859179. They said they are Hamilton law association. But I have had several background checks done and have had nothing in the past ten years or more that I have or could have them come against me for. I believe it's s check advance scam. I use to get local numbers but now they are calling from 800 numbers.
Last Comment about 15 hours ago | Phone 8882859179 | 888 area code
717-695-88391 comment
Was alright not to pushy. Was a very calm sounding voice
Last Comment about 15 hours ago | Phone 7176958839 | 717 area code
425-365-08901 comment
Received call . No message. Checked because it was unknown number. However, it is a local Washington State area code for the Eastside of Seattle; the same area code I have.
Last Comment about 16 hours ago | Phone 4253650890 | 425 area code

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