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343-989-06321 comment
Received a text message from this number claiming to be from Rogers Communications, saying they have a refund for me and to tap on a link to accept the deposit.
Last Comment 2 minutes ago | Phone 3439890632 | 343 area code
833-300-46662 comments
SCAM CALLED # several times got same person sounds like kids ion background
Last Comment 7 minutes ago | Phone 8333004666
410-231-78143 comments
calls frequently. no message
Last Comment 39 minutes ago | Phone 4102317814 | 410 area code
202-741-57681 comment
Called my cell phone about my ss Said lawsuit pending Number called from 202 741 5768 Call to 931 303 4720
Last Comment about 3 hours ago | Phone 2027415768 | 202 area code
613-519-646420 comments
Got a call from this number ‭(509) 671-9567‬ and they, James something, left a very “unrehearsed” voicemail saying to call them back because I owe them a lot of money and if I didn’t call I would have some serious consequences. This is the fourth or fifth time in the last few months that I have received a call like this.
Last Comment about 4 hours ago | Phone 6135196464 | 613 area code
877-225-21601 comment
Unknown number, didn't answer, no message left. Number is now blocked.
Last Comment about 4 hours ago | Phone 8772252160 | 877 area code
484-430-82522 comments
Called 12/11 with Caller ID "Bala Cynwyd PA". They didn't get through since the area code is already blocked even though it's somewhat local. It only showed up on Caller ID. If they were legit, they would say they're sending something in the mail and not just cold calling people. Just block the number or area code.
Last Comment about 5 hours ago | Phone 4844308252 | 484 area code
619-205-64001 comment
Spam / phishing recorded call purporting to be from Apple Inc alerting to iCloud breach. Two calls received starting 8:30 this morning. Received 6 “Apple Inc” calls from other various numbers yesterday. They are very determined!
Last Comment about 5 hours ago | Phone 6192056400 | 619 area code
205-419-61371 comment
Automated caller claims to be IRS. Advises to call back immediately to avoid being arrested. The voice utilized is that of a screen navigator reading text. To the best of my knowledge, the IRS does not use a system like this, nor do they make such threatening automated phone calls.
Last Comment about 5 hours ago | Phone 2054196137 | 205 area code
800-817-58721 comment
800-817-5872 Rip off auto dealer in Medford Oregon (Crater Lake Ford) owned by a ponzi scammer named don knudsen. This nazi scammer has been ripping people off for years with shoddy repair work and also selling defective cars. Help me get the word out about these nazi scammers crater lake ford ponzi scammer don knudsen medford oregon auto loan fraud 800-817-5872 donald knudsen auto scammer.
Last Comment about 6 hours ago | Phone 8008175872 | 800 area code
725-221-33374 comments
I got this phone number from a dating site and also shared pictures with me, few days later a guy called saying that he was the father and that his son was an underage and that his son was using his phone ("and my boss is the phone's owner") he said, and "my boss" saw the pictures and is really mad and he wants to report this issue with the police because he gave me this phone for busines. Howe...
Last Comment about 7 hours ago | Phone 7252213337
866-978-50065 comments
Received call from this scammer to shut off my power!! Keep in mind no matter what, you have total control here is why; pull one of your bills and ask them what is your account number is, get their full (fake name) which they will and can't even spell it (haha) then realize you never received a formal shut off notice from your utility company! You will always receive a formal notice. Also pa...
Last Comment about 9 hours ago | Phone 8669785006 | 866 area code
202-600-82481 comment
A SCAM service . CHAIN GROUP ... STOLE 1500 BTC to people and run away !!!!!
Last Comment about 10 hours ago | Phone 2026008248 | 202 area code
646-506-32181 comment
i received a call from this number stating they are a criminal investigative unit from the IRS. Telling me to return the call so as not to be arrested for federal crimes. IRS ivesti
Last Comment about 12 hours ago | Phone 6465063218 | 646 area code
909-402-21111 comment
Block it
Last Comment about 15 hours ago | Phone 9094022111 | 909 area code
833-300-46662 comments
This is a scammer. Claiming to be support for Microsoft and requesting access to your computer.
Last Comment about 16 hours ago | Phone 8333004666
415-691-85111 comment
Typical scumbag trying to scam people off Craigs List. BEWARE!!
Last Comment about 17 hours ago | Phone 4156918511 | 415 area code
613-927-92092 comments
I recieved many calls from this number on my cell as well as my home numbers.Says i have a criminal case against me.Why are these number allowed to operate?
Last Comment about 20 hours ago | Phone 6139279209 | 613 area code
832-626-21282 comments
They keep calling me 3times a day, they do not leave a voicemail my phone automaticlly blocks them since it is a scam number it says
Last Comment about 21 hours ago | Phone 8326262128 | 832 area code
740-601-29871 comment
I have gotten several calls from this number in the past couple of days. The calls are always in the evening (after 9pm), and they never leave a message.
Last Comment about 21 hours ago | Phone 7406012987 | 740 area code
202-897-05295 comments
SCAM! These people called me multiple times in a row and voicemail saying I am hiding money from the its and to call this number.
Last Comment about 22 hours ago | Phone 2028970529 | 202 area code
510-839-65281 comment
Caller does not talk, just silent.
Last Comment about 22 hours ago | Phone 5108396528 | 510 area code
818-254-10703 comments
Got this call every 30 minutes for almost 3 days straight. Needs to be forvibly disconnected before someone gets hurt.
Last Comment about 23 hours ago | Phone 8182541070 | 818 area code
248-278-87681 comment
Scam artist for BBQ Grills Smokers Pig Cookers Found out his real name is Willie Freeman also Goes under fake names Cole Harvey and the latest of Anthony Cole News Article on him New fake website AKA PitsCustomFabrication**New one CADDY SHACK BBQ SMOKERS Willz Grillz...
Last Comment about 23 hours ago | Phone 2482788768 | 248 area code
437-886-32177 comments
Yup, total scam but as apposed to everyone else here I do feel it's worth my time to call them back. Therefor, I've been spam/prank calling them for the last 2 hours. I've been talking to them about pizza and yelling at them about the cold in canada and even confusing them by playing some songs on my guitar for them about how amazed I am that someone from the CRA is working on a Saturday. I su...
Last Comment 1 day ago | Phone 4378863217
610-333-63505 comments
This number belongs to a black prostitute.She operates on craigslist,backpage,and walks the street.She will text you relentlessly and even phone you.She will try to blackmail you.She did it to me.For a quick nut I have damn near ruined my life.
Last Comment 1 day ago | Phone 6103336350 | 610 area code
971-386-05422 comments
I got a call from Trans World of a man obviously pretending to be a woman with a really deep scratchy voice sounded like selma from the simpsons talking about they wanna hook up im not into this gay stuff please tell these people to take me off whatever list i only like 👧
Last Comment 1 day ago | Phone 9713860542 | 971 area code
866-978-50065 comments
These basterds turned off the juice!!!
Last Comment 1 day ago | Phone 8669785006 | 866 area code
630-861-83934 comments
Received a voicemail claiming there were serious allegations and a need to return the call before taking legal action and being taken into police custody. This is clear a scam.
Last Comment 1 day ago | Phone 6308618393 | 630 area code
424-348-12203 comments
These people are nothing but bloodthirsty crooks.If you see them run like the flash the other direction.They will leave you worse off.You would have a better chance doing the work yourself or hiring a undocumented person(at least that person would do the work).Scammers is giving them too much credit.These people arent even human.
Last Comment 1 day ago | Phone 4243481220 | 424 area code

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