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804-248-03401 comment
Spam call
Last Comment about 1 hour ago | Phone 8042480340 | 804 area code
586-213-35231 comment
We are a legitimate web design firm. we do not cold call or tele-market. We do speak Spanish and English. If you call us we will answer in your native language. Our website is If we have called you, we will not leave a message. We work with our clients and any information has to be a verified person on the other end of the conversation.
Last Comment about 2 hours ago | Phone 5862133523 | 586 area code
844-539-57842 comments
These lowlife scammers, pretending to be Microsoft, claimed I had a virus and wanted me to call their 844-539-5784 so I could help them infect my system. However - since I knew of their lame scam I didn't call them, instead I opened Windows Task Manager killed their lame process, rebooted my system and ran McAfee Antivirus, Malwarebyte, and Spybot. As I expected their lame attempt was a SCAM.
Last Comment about 7 hours ago | Phone 8445395784 | 844 area code
270-438-98081 comment
(270) 438-9808 alijha shrum scam call
Last Comment about 7 hours ago | Phone 2704389808 | 270 area code
819-578-91621 comment
I received two messages claiming I was receiving an interac etransfer Mobilty refund for $115. I have no idea who or what the Mobility part of that is so I figure it is a scam to try and steal my banking information
Last Comment about 12 hours ago | Phone 8195789162 | 819 area code
844-383-46218 comments
Same thing...glad I looked this up.
Last Comment about 12 hours ago | Phone 8443834621 | 844 area code
805-678-11741 comment
received a call from that number. Caller id shows "Coalition" did not recognize so did not answer/no message left
Last Comment about 13 hours ago | Phone 8056781174 | 805 area code
347-899-93541 comment
Have received several emails from this scammer named "Williams" who answers my furniture ad. Each time, it's a different display name on the Craig's List relay system with the generic email: "Hello! Is it still available? Please text me on 3478999354 thanks. Williams" DO NOT RESPOND! He's a troll looking for the fake check scam
Last Comment about 15 hours ago | Phone 3478999354 | 347 area code
757-542-45771 comment
Junk Debt Collector...Name they leave are stage names (fake). There are no important papers. They just want to scare and harass you about very old debt... They are NOT Lawyers or anyone with the legal system. They also pretend to be ex girlfriends, boyfriends, spouses etc. They also pretend to be law enforcement. They will call any relative they can find. They are real scum bottom feeders. ...
Last Comment about 21 hours ago | Phone 7575424577 | 757 area code
613-970-57161 comment
Voici le sms que j ai reçu le 18 novembre à partir de ce numéro : L'Agence revenu du Canada a émis votre dernière déclaration via INTERAC (virement-électronique).Poursuivez au http://... pour déposer ces fonds. Je n ai pas cliqué sur le lien. Merci
Last Comment about 16 hours ago | Phone 6139705716 | 613 area code
800-239-57014 comments
Called on cell phone (which is my business number) at 4:45 on a Sunday afternoon. No message. I get calls from this number constantly. What a pain!
Last Comment about 16 hours ago | Phone 8002395701 | 800 area code
613-970-59211 comment
Canadian Revenue Agency phishing, don't trust.
Last Comment about 16 hours ago | Phone 6139705921 | 613 area code
877-855-36532 comments
Yes, I got the same message about 30 minutes ago in my Yahoo tab in Firefox. While I was researching it, it went away.
Last Comment about 16 hours ago | Phone 8778553653 | 877 area code
855-902-54241 comment
Last Comment about 17 hours ago | Phone 8559025424 | 855 area code
505-302-41801 comment
Called then texted me wanting to send me a pic said their name was danny
Last Comment about 19 hours ago | Phone 5053024180 | 505 area code
877-855-36532 comments
While checking email on my laptop, I was suddenly routed to a alert screen with a voice explaining that my laptop MAY have a virus and my data MAY be compromised and to call Microsoft technical support at 1-877-855-3653. It seems remarkably similar to the phone scam going around, however the voice blaring through my speakers wasn't foreign. Anyone else experienced this?
Last Comment about 20 hours ago | Phone 8778553653 | 877 area code
979-341-11671 comment
Caller ID says National AFS. The caller states his name is Gilbert and that my warranty has expired on my 2016 vehicle. I tell him his info is incorrect and he is abusive and wants to know if I want to make one one full payment or make payments. I repeat his info his incorrect. I know he is a scam caller and I do not respond to these calls with any info or payments.
Last Comment about 20 hours ago | Phone 9793411167 | 979 area code
973-718-38381 comment
solar power scam from a machine based robo
Last Comment about 20 hours ago | Phone 9737183838 | 973 area code
878-201-50323 comments
Similar thing, but with any initial identifying info cut off on voicemail. Gave a "reference number" and said to call back with "copy of your electric statement to review." Call came to our cell phone that has a Penn. area code (215), but we never had any utility accts. associated with that number, so it seems like a scam.
Last Comment about 23 hours ago | Phone 8782015032 | 878 area code
414-240-62921 comment
Scam telemarketer.
Last Comment about 24 hours ago | Phone 4142406292 | 414 area code
506-799-41551 comment
This number texts me often, sometimes up to 10 times in an hour. They tell me they have received my order. I wish they would STOP.
Last Comment 1 day ago | Phone 5067994155 | 506 area code
430-201-56901 comment
This people scam and hacker be careful
Last Comment 1 day ago | Phone 4302015690
562-295-66544 comments
Add this number to your Block or DO NOT answer list it’s all scam do not waste your time answering it IRS will NEVER call your phone.
Last Comment 1 day ago | Phone 5622956654 | 562 area code
606-223-90852 comments
"I need a woman that will trample and crush me under her feet in stilettos!"
Last Comment 1 day ago | Phone 6062239085 | 606 area code
848-240-72321 comment
don't bother answering any 848-240- exchanges anymore. The bulk of these calls are from Teterboro. Or they could be spoofing numbers . I've blocked over 50 in a years time. Never any voicemail left
Last Comment 1 day ago | Phone 8482407232
562-295-66544 comments
It's scam serious allegations and alerting cops I hope they get arrested for this scam
Last Comment 1 day ago | Phone 5622956654 | 562 area code
855-842-23764 comments
Has called 3 times in 2 days. No one there. One time it sounded like static.
Last Comment 1 day ago | Phone 8558422376 | 855 area code
412-347-43681 comment
This number tried to scam me by pretending to be "Sandy Baker" calling about "the retail energy choice program for the state of Pennsylvania and your energy supply charges on your electric account," and telling me to "have a copy of your electric statement handy to review" with my "reference number" being "Pa 41123 356." Considering no one associated with my number has lived in PA for 10 years,...
Last Comment 1 day ago | Phone 4123474368 | 412 area code
905-581-14465 comments
This number called me. I called it back and it said the phone call cannot be completed as dialed. A man named Robert claiming to be with the police left a message saying I or my attorney had to call them back immediately and that it was time-sensitive.
Last Comment 1 day ago | Phone 9055811446 | 905 area code
206-856-24741 comment
Someone named GARY called in regards to a grant I applied for. I advised I did not apply for a grant and to please stop calling me. I blocked this number and have received 4 other calls from the same area code and prefix. I also blocked those numbers. Must be a scam.. !!!!
Last Comment 1 day ago | Phone 2068562474 | 206 area code

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